What is CBD?

  • CBD is a derivative of the Hemp Plant; its ingredient name is Whole Hemp Extract.  There are many types of CBD on the market; however, we ONLY utilize 100% pure, non-THC Whole Hemp Extract CBD in our products.  You can review our Certificates of Analysis here.

  • In non-THC applications, the terms CBD and Hemp are interchangeable.

  • Because our CBD contains no THC, it does not get you 'high', 'buzzed', 'stoned', or the myriad of other terms that are often used to describe the effects of marijuana.

  • Our CBD has been isolated to provide you and your loved ones with the benefits of hemp without the mood-altering effects inherent with THC.

  • Is your CBD natural?

    • Yes.  Our CBD is completely natural and complies with the US Farm Bill, and we obtain C of A / Certificates of Analysis related to every lot of CBD that we source

  • Are your products safe; where are they produced?

    • Our products are formulated, manufactured, and tested in FDA Registered facilities.

    • All of our products are Made In the USA